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2010 Red Super Snake Convertible Pics


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Man does the red POP. Still my fav color combo for the SS.


Thanks Roger.



Naw, the Grabber Blue one still wins....




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Some photos of the 2010 Torch Red Super Snake convertible with the interior package.



I really like the looks of the new SS Vert! I like it better than the coupe. Only wish they would just throw some paint on that rear difusser, but all in all I think it looks hot!

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Red is always the best !!!! and fastest.....


Where's the roof ??? haha


I remember when mine was shiny and new....if you guys saw my car today you would all have cried hahaha (i had a drift day, full spin cycle on / and a little off track hahaha dirt and mud everywhere)


The 2010 continues to grow on me.

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