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Flat Rock MI Assembly Plant Tour, Auto Alliance


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I need to know who would be interested in attending a tour though the Auto Alliance plant in Flat Rock. It may be sponsored by Shelby American and time is to be determined. I need some type of head count, so please spread the word to your forum buddies to respond here as well. If we cant get enough....no tour. Thanks

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I have been wanting to do this since before I got my 2010 Shelby.


I tried to get some info on this when I ordered mine back in September.


My dealer tried to get with someone from FORD but it never happened.


I think FORD should take note on what GM has been doing for years with th Corvett., It seems to be the right thing to do, you can even take delievery of them at the factory.


Keep us up to date on what you find out and good luck!


+4 for me, I can't wait!

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Count me in - although until mine is built, I'll be the schmuck in the rental V6.


I wonder if F Shareholder Relations might have any pull in making something happen? If not, I'm willing to buy one shift's worth of pizza and beer to be snuck in (after mine is built, of course).

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In 2008, I did the AAI plant, the Romeo engine plant, Ford mansion and world headquarters car show with Shelby.


This August I did the proving grounds with hot laps and water pad and the world headquarters with the Mustang Alley group at Woodward.


The AAI experience was ok but for me not worth repeating....the Romeo tour was fantastic as well as the Ford mansion and the World headquarters car show.


The proving grounds was insane and the highlight of my total automotive experience anywhere.


If your attempting to get an event together the following is a MUST...


World headquarters car show.

Ford Mansion.

Ford museum.

Proving grounds with hot laps (Gary Patterson was there so I'm sure they have connections to make this happen)

Romeo plant

AAI for those that wish to attend.


Oh yes...put myself and a guest down for attending all events.

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