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test for leaks

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Two questions:


1. Best way to check for leaks on my newly installed headers?


2. Does anyone have a picture of how much clearance between the steering shaft and their long tubes?





Dunno if it's the best, but you can use a length of most any handy flexible tubing and (engine running) move it around near the head mating surfaces at the tubes (no need to touch) and you'll definately hear a shrp difference if there's a leak. Best to do outdoors and with mufflers on (easier to hear). Taping the last inch or so of tubing to a stick or ruler so you can easily move the open end of the hose/tubing around makes it a lot easier ...and no burns.

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Thats the method....also look for soot arond the flange.


I don't know what modern cars headers attach with but on older mills I can recommend Stage 8 brand locking fasteners, if you use care installing them with a file they get the job done. Good for HD's as well.

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