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It'll be official next week... L.A. here

Jake Auerbach

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Hello all. Finally stopped lurking and joined up. I technically won't belong until some time next week--but heck, I couldn't wait :happy feet:. I don't have many questions, I've been reading a lot from both this forum and fordgt500. I do have a few questions about what sort of prices other guys paid. I am trading in my beloved GT... mostly because I want a 6 speed and a whine...and then putting another few grand down... They want $40,000 for certified pre-owned with 25xx miles. I will keep you all posted with progress.

Some of my past and present rides:




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40K seems a little strong but maybe they are giving you a good price on your trade.



Ok so they're knocked it down from 41995 to 39995, they're going to give me 15,000 on my trade in which is O K. I offered to put 10 grand down and the payments would be 60 months @ 383 which is a little high for my taste. I offered to pay the entire difference between trade in and price in cash and they said they would get back to me, i'm hoping to see a 38 or 37 somewhere....

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Jake, I highly recommend that you become a full member of Team Shelby, and also consider joining LASAAC (Los Angeles Shelby American Club) too.


We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Culver City/Mar Vista area, and there are a great bunch of guys to hang out and bench race with. The club also hosts a yearly, top-notch car show at the Santa Monica Pier as well as some local charity work in concert with the L.A.P.D. during the holiday's. The club also has a couple of open track days at Willow Springs Raceway every year, and most of the members are incredibly gifted drivers that hold wins at many SCCA and VARA events over the years. They are quite generous with their time and knowledge and love to help new drivers learn how to get the most out of their Shelby's.



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