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Any Interest in these Rare Shelby Cobras ?


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I have the following Shelby Cobra die cast pieces , if anyone is interested in them:


Johnny Lightning "Racing Legends" Motion Shelby Cobra White Lighting ( Has White tires and White base )

Johnny Lightning 60's Sizzle Shelby Cobra White Lightning ( Green body ,White rims and White Interior)

Johnny Lightning "Head to Head" 2 car set with GT40 and Shelby Cobra (White Lightning , all white body) x2

WIX Oil Filters 1:24 Blue Shelby Cobra MIMB

Shelby Collectibles "Blue chrome" Chase Shelby Cobra w/White Interior

Shelby Collectibles SEMA edition ALL Chrome (1 of 1000) Shelby Cobra Un-signed

Shelby Collectibles SEMA edition ALL Chrome (1 of 1000) Shelby Cobra Signed by Carroll Shelby

Hot Wheels Blue Shelby Cobra Real rider w/gyg.x2



GreenLight Green Machine 1967 Ford Mustang Pre-Production Prototype from the Milezone Primer project series (Non #'d base)


Please contact me either thru PM here , or at SFcobra65@comcast.net.




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Also have a Very Mint - Loose , Hot Wheels Mexican issue Shelby Cobra Real Rider with GYG rims and the tell tale , Blue Painted motor that was exclisive to only Mexican issued Shelby Cobras from Hot Wheels.


Thanks for the looks everyone...




hi frank can you tell me what you have left and what you want for them? I like the sema cars chrome and others you have, thanks mickey

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Hello everyone...

The following is a list of the Cobras i still have :


Johnny Lightning Head to Head 2 car set with Ford GT and White Lightning Shelby Cobra (White body ,MIMB)---$35.00 ea


Johnny Lightning 60's Sizzle Green Shelby Cobra White Lightning (White interior and White rims MOC)---- $13.00


Johnny Lightning Racing Legends R2 Gold "Motion" Shelby Cobra White Lighting ( White tires and White base,MIMB )---$90.00


Johnny Lightning Classic Gold Terlingua edition Shelby Cobra White Lighting (Pearl White body with White Lightning on tires ,MIMB)---$45.00


Johnny Lightning 1931 Ford Woody Retro series Prototype ( Tan/flesh motor and interior , no roof paint ,no side panel paint ,unstamped base--Loose/Mint )---$75.00


Hot Wheels Park n Plate Black Shelby Cobra MOC (has Yellow plate )--$15.00


Hot Wheels HWC NEO Classic Shelby Cobra (Red) --$15.00 MIMB


Hot Wheels Mexican issue ONLY Shelby Cobra with GYG small Real Rider and has Blue Motor w/Yellow stripes (Mint loose ) $200.00


Hot Wheels MEA (Mattel Employee Association) Dinner Dance exclusive Pink Cadillac Eldorado celebrating Barbies Anniversary.Regular issue to employees was limited to 300 , the 2 Prototypes i have are 1 of 6. Regular versions are selling for $125.00+.--- $70.00 each


Hot Wheels Blue Shelby Cobra GYG Real Riders (x2) C8.5/9 condition ---$12.00 ea


Hot Wheels Cinnamon Toast Crunch baggy Shelby Cobra (MIMbaggy) -- $10.00 ea (x2)


Hot Wheels Cal Custom Shelby Cobra Real rider ( White with Black windshield logo ,Mint Loose)--$10.00 ea x3


Hot Wheels Motorin Music Target exclusive ( Mint ,loose) Shelby Cobra ---$10.00


Hot Wheels Cal Custom ( Yellow ,MOC)--$10.00 EA


WIX Oil Filters 1:24 Blue Shelby Cobra Mint in box--- $25.00


I have other Loose Shelby Cobras , should you be interested.I will also ship , via USPS Insured with DC# .I MUST have a US Postal Money Order as payment.


Should you wish to call me , my cell# is 423-413-9144 est.


Thanks again ,


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