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Horsepower on the farm


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Does anybody know why the show has been cancelled this year? I participated in 2 of them and was looking forward to this years show. When I went on line to sign up, it says cancelled. What a shame! This is the first and only show I have ever had my car to.

Hope Brad and his family are doing ok.

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If I did this right, here is the link to the forum discussion on the topic. I was hoping to go to this as well so I am watching to see if something new comes up.....




Let's hope :cry::cry:



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Thanks for the update. I read the posts and it looks like we will just have to wait and see if anything comes up.

Appreciate your help.







Show was cancelled for this year .... but its a go for next year ... I plan to create a post to let everyone know whats going and what the plans are for next year 2011


Stay tuned for further details

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