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SGT convertible in Florida

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Hi everyone,

Here a nice little vacation story..... :hysterical3:

I just returned after my 3weeks vacation trip in Florida which was incredible. :dance:

I was a little bit surprised; that I didn't see a lot of Shelbys out there at that time.

This was probably due to the wheater situation, which was a little bit crazy. :cold: So, when I was at Key West, I finaly saw a nice 08 Shelby GT convertible, cool pictures made, happy..., :dance: the day was safed. The second an last Shelby that I saw (in 3weeks) was a few days later at Miami Beach, Ocean drive; an 08 Shelby GT convertible ,cool pictures made, happy.

Now returned home, checked out the picture, I was surprised and I found out looking at he plaques; that I saw twice the same car. :fool:


I was just asking myself if this was a TS Member ; and I if; i would salute him, an thank him for the few nice moments I had sawing this great car.

Here are a few pics....






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