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Mgw/Hurst Shift Mod

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Thought I'd share a modification that I made to the shifter in my 09 GT/CS. I wanted the retro look of the Hurst stick and classic white ball (with the shift pattern only), but I didn't want the Hurst guts. I had a MGW shifter in my 03 Cobra and really liked it. The problem was the marriage of the Hurst stick which is rectangular and the MGW coupler which is configured for a round stick. I purchased a Hurst stick which was a lay back type, Part# HUU-2387201 $45.50 and the rubber boot support Pt# 1140015 $9.95 (both from Summit Racing). I took these parts along with the MGW shifter to a local machine shop and had them cut the Hurst stick in two right at the top of the upper bolt hole. Then they cut the MGW stick in two about 2" below the threads.They ground a channel the same thickness as the Hurst stick, put the shaft in it and welded it. It goes right on the MGW shifter and can be turned and adjusted anyway you want. The new set-up is 5/8" taller than the height of my stock shifter, and the entire Hurst stamping can be seen after installation. I know the whole thing is a mutt but it toots my horn. If MGW made a simular stick with their letters stamped on the side, I'd probably switch to that. I don't mind advertising for their shifter because they're the best in my opinion. Hope this might be helpful to those of you that are having bad luck with the Hurst shifters.




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