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Spare Tire vs Inflation Kit

Mustang DAN

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When I purchased my 2008 SGT coupe w/ 6800 miles on it, the tire inflation kit was missing. The dealer offered to order a new one, but I talked him in to letting me keep the donut spare, jack, etc from my 2006 GT that I traded in. Now, I wonder if I did the right thing. Since the SGT is lowered, can the donut spare even be used since the diameter is slightly smaller than a full size tire? Has anyone tried this? I'm wondering if ground clearance is the reason for the inflation kit on the Bullitt and SGT, vs the usual donut spare and jack.

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My step dad has researched this topic for some time. For longer trips he likes to take a real spare. He tells me to make sure the spare is: aluminum wheel "KA" w/T185/60R17 mini spare. There will be a KA stamp on the inner part of the spare. The 17 inch aluminum mini spare will fit both the 17 and 18 inch wheels. Just do not use the 16 inch steel wheel stamped with the GA stamp.


Good luck.


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Other people have advised to rely on a spare vs. using the inflation kit at all. As far as I can see it's fancy fix-a-flat, though maybe more reliable. The big problem is if you have a side blowout. Then the inflators won't help. Plenty of people seem to be using the (1") smaller real tire for a spare without major complaints.


I'm in somewhat the same boat right now. May I piggy-back some related questions for folks here?...


Are you using the 1" smaller spare?

Feel comfy about it? A 17" maybe? (I still have the original 18" wheels on).

Can you only get it at a dealership?


Are you using a full-sized spare?

Does it fit in the spare storage area for you. (I measured mine & it looks real tight)

I heard I can only buy another stock 18" polished alum wheel through my dealer...true?

No doubt this is the more expensive route. Do you recall the general price difference?

I'm leaning this route (vs. the smaller spare). Have any ideas on where/how to get the full sized wheel/tire

any cheaper?


Thank you.

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I heard the stock 18's won't fit in the spare well... but might if deflated? if that's true, i'm going to do that and keep the inflator in the trunk and just fill it w/ the inflater if/when needed.... I never really looked at the inflator though, just assuming it's a 12v mini compressor right?

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I'm too tired to search now but this is another of the maybe top10 questions asked and we've gone round and round. The issue is not only the tire but the jack. I believe, and I may be wrong, but I remember the standard mustang jack won't fit under out cars due to the lowering.

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Ugh...now you got me thinking so I had to check yeah the jack can be a real issue. Don't forget that the car is going to be even lower with a flat.


See below threads, some are not specific to your question but they speak to issues using a jack and some possible solutions, none of which I think is ideal.


In my case I have a spare on the rim at home. If I run into an issue I will have my friend etc., fetch it and probably still get it to me before the tow truck gets there and I'll let them tow it or jack it up. If I were driving across country I might be worried but around town I don't give it much thought.


Thanks AAA!













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