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Kenny Bell S/C Install_Location_Questions

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Hi Guys,

You guys with the KB installed. I would appreciate it if you could share some info with me. On KB installations with the intercooler, same install that SAI does.


1. Where does the PCM get relocated to?


2. I noticed the fuse box appears to be moved real low on the left side (me looking at pictures as able) Can you tell me how they did this or where the fuse box is bolted down in the relocation?


3. It appears that the structure of the car (around the passenger side head light area) would haved to be modificed in order to route the air breather_MAS_ with the extended cold air hose that attaches to the plastic via the s/c. Can you tell me or describe to me how much structual mod has to be done to get the cold air kit with the mas installed?


4. Have you added the new shelby Heat exchanger (intercooler with fans) and removed the KB intercooler and if so what type of results have you noted?


5. Have any of you elected to go with the GT500 fuel pump in lue of the KB boost -a-pump?


6. Have any of you used the boost-a-pump and then install the GT 500 fuel pump just for extra security in fuel delivery.? My thought here is that if you were going to be increasing the boost in the future why not get the pump installed at the same time as the kit install.


7. Anyone that has installed this kit Stage I or Stage II, I would appreciate any input as to any know issues and learning curves you may have had to deal with. Anyone that had theirs installed at SAI or other mod shop I would appreaite any input you could provide as well.


Bottom line is that I have had a lot of really good reference material and continue to do my homework on both the KB and Whipple. I think both are great S/Cs.


I simply cannot make up my dog-mind now that I have the money to buy the S/C. I am considering doing the install myself. (1) cause I can (2) I get to take the extra time to take care of details that I am anal about © the money saved will buy me the gauges, shifter light and a few other parts. And at the same time I have my eye on a cream puff 1993 5.0 LX, one owner, local car that I just hate to pass up.


Having said all that I still contiune to look at the Paxton 1200 SL-P from shelby. I just wish I could get the 450 RWHP out of paxton 1200 that you can with the KB or whipple.


I really would appreciate it if you have the time to provide some input here. I'm most certian I'll end up doing the install. While I like the idea of having the car in the reg and the factory s/c tag it would take me a few more months to save the difference and man I'm really ready to get this done in the next month or so while the weather is cold and snowy here in kansas.


As always , thanks for all your input and suggestions. Everyone that has answered my emails and request for help before, your information has be valuable and very much appreciated.


Take Care,


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