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To window scoop or not?


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The scoops added to the new cars really have no use - except to block your vision. In my opinion, the scoops are added to personalize a car and add a touch of nostalgia.


On the Shelbys from the 1960's, the scoops were decorative and distinguished Shelbys from the regular Mustang's vented scoops which was an air vent for the interior of the car. As air was forced through the front air vents, it exited through the side scoops keeping the air fresh in the car - especially at highway speeds. :yup:

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I like the window scoop look, but never knew the origional purpose. My 5 year likes to look out the rear windows so I am on the fence with purchasing and painting set, I think it would great on the black car as it would all merge together.


I have found these, any other recommendations?




If you do decide to add the window scoops take your time putting them on. I had side and window scoops on my Mustang GT. Be sure and get all of the wax off of the area. Most scoops use double sided tape. Some recommend an adhesiion promoter. I didn't need it with the ones I used. It's also best to install them when it's warm. I used a space heater to heat up my scoops before install so they would mold better to the shape of the car. I can't stress enough how important this is. The first time I installed mine they didn't set flush to the body. They ALMOST did but not exact. From 10 feet away they looked fine but when you get up close they looked like something "Stuck on". I had to do mine three times before I got them like I wanted them.


Good luck.

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