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"Today's Active Content" link does not work


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The link at the top of the page works for me in IE 7 but I just noticed tonight that I can not post from Google Chrome browser. Everytime I try it kicks me to the main forum page with no post made.

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read this about the new content feature:





Robert, this is weird. My window is set narrow so that the Shelby Goodyear is forced to wrap to the next line. None of the "personal" toolbar line shows up - my login, settings, topics, posts and sign out items are all suppressed...


This does seem to be something to do with Firefox.


I also don't see any "messenger" link at all. I've deleted all cookies.


Edit: I brought the site up in IE8. With the same window width the personal items do appear.


However, Rob, the "today's topics" link still brings me directly to a search window. It does not do the search for me. Furthermore, I can't find a way to construct a 24-hour search. I have to enter a search keyword...


Edit edit: Actually, I found the missing toolbar. It "disappears" on IE8 too: Just narrow the window and you'll see the toolbar is nearly invisible and behind the GT350 picture...


And one more edit: The ability to change the behaviour of "view new content" is not the same as today's active content. I use the latter to view the last 24 hours of activity after I've marked all content read. Sometimes you want to go back...

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I've got some more info. I noticed today that the "Today's Active Content" link is now on the top of the page next to "View New Content" so I tried it and it worked. The link at work is:





The link when I open them at home is:


h,t,t,p://www,teamshelby,com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=active?s=[a bunch of hex digits]


(Note. links modified to prevent auto html recognition)


If I copy the link, paste it into the address bar and delete all of the stuff following the ?s, the search works.


I tried deleting all of my cookies. It happens on both Firefox and a brand new entry via Internet Explorer (which had never seen Team Shelby before).


Any ideas?

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