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1/4 mile gear ratio


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If this question has been ask and answered in another post, please refer me to that post.


The car in question is a 2010 GT500 which is schedule to arrive next week. During the first week a 2.9 SC kit, full headers and an aluminum drive shaft will be installed. I'm hoping for HP between 750 and 800 at the fly wheel.


I'm looking for a gear that will cross the line at ~5800 rpm. Since tire diameter is a factor, I don't know what gear will fit this requirement. In the past, distant past, even 4.11 gears would not have been low enough. I am planning to put drag radials on the back but have no idea of wheel or tire sizes. I'm considering 3.73, 4.10, 4.30 gears. I don't know if a 3.90 gear exists but that also might work. My only interest is 1/4 mile performance.


Any thoughts on this topic will be appreciated.


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