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A Christmas Story


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While on my way to The Big Easy, why what do I see but a Red GT500 while stoping at Woods & Water in Tusculussa Alabame. It was Red with White stripes, just like the one I had ordered, as it pulled up next to me it was quite cool to see. As I sat there and gaulked as the light turned green, I wondered if all were in impressed just like me. When I arrived at Woods & Water my mouth hit the floor as parked next to #2 for the day, a White with Blue stripe GT500. What a great day it turned out to be.



I will have to say, the Duck Hunting was great but getting to see two GT500's was the highlight of the trip. When I ordered my car, I ordeded white/blue and than changed to red/white. Both looked great in person but I am happy I am getting red.




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