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Letter to Santa

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Dear Santa,


I know that I am probably too old to write yoou a letter. Heck, most of my children are too old to write you a letter. But I thought that I would sit down and pen one to you anyway - mainly to say thanks for the past gifts I have received, but also to ask you for one more thing this year.


I wanted to say thank you for taking back the cancer I got for 2008. It didn't fit, wasn't exactly what I wanted and I didn't really like the way it made me feel. BTW - thanks for taking my mother's cancer back also. I know she didn't really want her's either.


I also want to thank you for all the children you have put in my life. Whether it was for a month or a year or 19 LONG yearshysterical.gif , it has been a blessing and I have been forever changed. I will continue to provide a home for your children for as long as you ask me to. It is stressful and very difficult at times, but I know it is what you have called me to do.


You have been great about providing exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it (even if I didnt think I needed it - see cancer above). I have been blessed with a life that I did nothing to deserve, yet it was still given to me. I have wasted and squandered resources and monies that I should have treasured. I have let opportunities and occasions pass by without making the most of them. I have been irresponsible and foolish, and still you take care of me. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!


I do want to ask for just one thing this year: I would like a new, better job. I have been able to make it on what you have provided, but a single, year round job with an increase in pay would be incredible. If it could be doing something I love (i.e. cars or music or football) it would be even better. I know that I may be "pushing" it a little to ask for anything more than I already have, but my friend told me that you wouldn't be offended - even if I don't deserve what I am asking for. If you give my job to someone who needs it more than me, I would be okay with that.


In closing I just want to thank you once again for everything I have been given in my life. It really is more than I deserve.


Thank you,




- For those who didn't guess, you can remove Santa and replace it with God.

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We are truly blessed each day with God's love. We take a lot for granted in our busy lives. During this Christmas week I hope we can all take a moment from our busy schedules and be thankfull and greatfull for everything we have. Congrats to both you and your Mom on your health and Good luck on your future employment endevors. God bless you and your family during our holiday season.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. May God bless you and your family with all of the blessings you deserve! I hope the New Year brings you health, wealth and a fresh start.... Bea and I are praying for you. Oh yeah, thanks for being a part of our life--we have been enriched knowing you over the last 2 years. God Bless.


Stuart & Bea

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