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Make Their Day

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We just got back from Grannys. When we got there we payed and Our daughter and our grandbaby was with us also. Anyway we got in there and they had Santa & Mrs santa there and they where pictures taken with Santa & Mrs Santa. Anyway we where sitting at the table close by so we could see the other babys get there pictures taken with Santa & Mrs Santa..Alot of the little ones cried because they where affraid of them.As we where sitting there I noticed a Army Sargent in line to eat. When he got close to the cashier I got up and walked over to him and shook his hand and thank him for his service and told him that we wanted to buy his dinner. He was very thankful and said he was honored to serve his country and to do what ever it takes to WIN. It was a awesome exsperiance. When I got back over to the table and we got done and left my wife said that they where very proud of what I did and it made them feel good. It made me feel like i did the right thing Being a Jar - Head my self there is nothing like getting thanks from someone you do not know a complete stranger.


Please if you see a service man or women please aknowledge there service and thank them for doing a job that Only a few R called to do so. God bless them and may God bless there Familys that R left behind to hold down the fort. If you know of a military family that there loved ones R over seas Ask hem if there is anything that you can do for them or if you do know someones family and you do know what they need DO IT.


Please think about and Pray for our Military. They R the Warriors between Freedom and Communisim.



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