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TSB Finally


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Well after 3 weeks of car being at garage they finallaly got started on it.First problem was someone stole their specialty tools for tranny work,Got the new tool kit in and then waited on parts.Friday they called had tranny out and clutch out,Never seen so much clutch dust on a 3000 mile car.Transmission spline was so bad that clutch was really hanging.So we all agreed that clutch was shot.Mechanic did TSB test on tranny and thinks it is ok.After much conversation we agreed but if still not shifting right they will do tranny.So i hope all goes well,Won't know till March or April because of Ohio weather..

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What's the "TSB Test" for the trans?


I thought the input shaft and synchos get replaced regardless.



Thats my understanding, as well. If they don't replace the input shaft, it will be a waste of time because there is a minor difference between the two shafts. The up-dated shaft that come with the TSB kit is supposed to be used. It says it clearly in Fords instructions to the Tech.

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Thats my understanding, as well. If they don't replace the input shaft, it will be a waste of time because there is a minor difference between the two shafts. The up-dated shaft that come with the TSB kit is supposed to be used. It says it clearly in Fords instructions to the Tech.


TSB has been changed; I there is no internal damage or shifting issue's the clutch only is to be replaced.

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TSB has been changed; I there is no internal damage or shifting issue's the clutch only is to be replaced.



Can you post the newly changed TSB ? This is the first i'm hearing that the input shaft not be replaced during the TSB.

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Mrford is right the TSB was updated again....I am assuming that the mechanic will be the first to know if spline is a problem.We had long talk over new TSB.His hands are tied as what he can do,told me if the issues don't go away he'll do it again.When i was there all that ford sent was new clutch,pressure plate and flywheel.The mechanic is my side so i really don't for see any issues.

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There is a sticky posted in this forum for the TSB. It is TSB #09-19-11, 3rd revision of the TSB, revised on 9/17/09. It has the test for the clutch/flywheel and the transmission. Hope this helps. I had the clutch/flywheel portion of the TSB done on my car in October and am happy. The transmission was tested and showed the synchros were ok.

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2007-2009 Mustang

This article supersedes TSB 9-9-2 to update the Normal Operating Characteristics Of The Twin

Service Procedure and Part List. Disc Cera-metallic Clutch

• Clutch chatter/shudder when engaging the clutch. ISSUE

Some 2007-2009 Mustang Shelby GT500 vehicles • Narrow or abrupt engagement point.

built before 9/1/2008 may exhibit the following • Hiss upon clutch engagement or disengagement.

clutch/transmission symptoms: hard to disengage or • Transmission gear rollover noise at idle.

engage 1st and reverse, hard to shift any gear, • Gear rattle noise at very low speeds when in 1st

vehicle creeps with transmission in gear and clutch or 2nd gear.

pedal fully depressed without brake pedal

application. These symptoms may be caused by the • Normal wear.

clutch not disengaging fully when the clutch pedal is Transmission Synchronizer Diagnosis Procedure

fully depressed. This may be due to flywheel

distortion caused by excessive heat build-up during The following procedure is to be used to determine

unique traffic conditions (example: severe stop/go if the synchronizer assemblies in the transmission

urban driving, excessive clutch slipping). The clutch may have been damaged by attempting to operate

system is designed for performance driving the vehicle with a dragging clutch.


1. Set parking brake.

ACTION 2. Transmission in neutral.

Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the

condition. 3. Start engine and allow it to idle.

SERVICE PROCEDURE 4. Clutch engaged - pedal fully released.

Located at the end of the procedure are Figures 1, 5. Attempt to shift transmission into first gear by

2 and 3 which show the typical appearance of a firmly pushing shift lever approximately 5-10 lbf

flywheel and clutch that has been damaged due to (22-45 N) force for 2-3 seconds.

overheating of the clutch. Figures 4, 5 and 6 show

the typical appearance of a good flywheel and 6. If the synchronizers are okay, the transmission

clutch. will not make any clash or grinding noise. You

will not be able to move the gearshift lever into

This procedure does not apply to or correct the the selected gear (the synchronizer will block

normal characteristics of the twin-disc cera-metallic out gear engagement) and the engine RPM will

clutch used in the Shelby GT500 vehicle or normal decrease slightly.

wear. The twin disc cera-metallic clutch incorporates

racing technology to combine a low inertia assembly 7. Repeat the synchronizer test (Step 5 and 6) on

with a very durable friction material with high torque all of the other forward gears.

capability. Depending on your driving technique, the a. If the transmission passes the synchronizer

smoothness of how the clutch reacts to clutch test, the transmission will not require

engagements may be different from other vehicles additional service; proceed with

that use a single disc clutch system. Also refer to clutch/flywheel replacement only. Refer to

pages 8 and 9 of the GT500 Owner Guide Clutch Replacement procedure.

Supplement for additional information.

NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do

the job properly and safely. It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper

vehicle service. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a

Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. Warranty Policy and Extended Service Plan documentation

determine Warranty and/or Extended Service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the TSB article.The information in this Technical Service Bulletin

(TSB) was current at the time of printing. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supercede this information with updates.The most recent information is

available through Ford Motor Company’s on-line technical resources.

Copyright ã 2009 Ford Motor Company Online Publication Date September 17, 2009 PAGE 1

TSB 09-19-11 (Continued)

b. If clash/grinding noise is found when PART NUMBER PART NAME

performing the synchronizer diagnostic, the 7R3Z-6375-B Flywheel Kit (Includes Bolts)

transmission will need to be repaired along 7R3Z-7L596-A Clutch Kit (Includes Bolts)

with the replacement of the clutch. Refer to 7R3Z-7C391-B Transmission Kit

Transmission Repair procedure. XG-8 Motorcraftâ PTFE Lubricant

XT-5-QM Motorcraftâ MERCONâ V Automatic

Transmission Fluid

Clutch Replacement PM-1-C Motorcraftâ High Performance DOT 3

Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid

1. Remove the transmission per Workshop Manual XG-1-C Motorcraftâ Premium Long-Life

(WSM), Section 308-03C. Grease

TA-30 Motorcraftâ Silicone Gasket and

2. Remove and replace flywheel per WSM, Sealant

TA-25 Motorcraftâ Threadlock and Sealer Section 303-01C. Discard old bolts and use F6ZZ-7600-A Pilot Bearing

bolts provided in flywheel kit. 1R3Z-7052-AA Transmission Input Shaft Oil Seal

3. Install new pilot bearing per WSM, Section

308-01. WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of

New Vehicle Limited

4. Install new clutch disc and plate assembly per Warranty Coverage

WSM, Section 308-01 (vehicles with solid IMPORTANT: Warranty

design flywheel). Discard old bolts and use coverage limits/policies are

bolts provided in clutch kit. Tighten bolts to 89 not altered by a TSB.

lb-in (10 N•m) in a star pattern. Tighten an Warranty coverage limits

additional 90 degrees in a star pattern. are determined by the

identified causal part.

5. Apply a small amount of Motorcraftâ PTFE OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME

Lubricant to the clutch hub splines per WSM, 091911A 2007-2009 Mustang 3.9 Hrs.

Section 308-01. GT500: Replace The

6. Install the transmission per WSM, Section Clutch Disc And Plate

308-03C. Assembly; Pilot Bearing

And Flywheel. Includes

Transmission Repair Time To Remove And

Install Transmission,

1. Remove, drain, disassemble and clean the Perform The Synchronizer

transmission per WSM, Section 308-03C. Diagnosis (Do Not Use

2. Remove and replace input shaft and all With Any Other Labor

synchronizer assemblies per WSM, Section Operations)

308-03C. 091911B 2007-2009 Mustang 7.4 Hrs.

GT500: Replace The Input

3. Assemble the transmission per WSM, Section Shaft; Synchronizer

308-03C. Assemblies, Clutch Disc

And Plate Assembly; Pilot

4. Install the transmission per WSM, Section Bearing And Flywheel.

308-03C. Includes Time To Remove

And Install Transmission,

Perform The Synchronizer

Diagnosis (Do Not Use

With Any Other Labor


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