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New owner of 07 SGT in CT


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I recently joined Team Shelby after purchasing a 2007 black SGT #4225 (manual transmission) this summer.


I was not in the market for a Shelby but came across this car by pure luck. My son and I were driving by the local Ford dealership in Enfield, CT. They had the new 2010 Mustangs on display in the parking lot. My young son who loves cars wanted to see the new Mustangs. We pulled in the lot and looked at the various models- GT, V6, convertibles. Just as we were about to leave a sales rep came out and asked if we were interested. I told we were just wanted to see what changes occurred with the 2010 model.


Before leaving I asked if he had any Shelby 500s. He said he had a GT500 and a Shelby GT in the showroom. Not knowing at the time what was a SGT, he gave me a brief description before heading into the showroom. Once inside the showroom my eye went to the black SGT and never once did I look at the silver convertible GT500. Both my son and I fell in love with the black SGT that had 1400 miles.


After getting info on the SGT and suggested price, I took the sales rep's business card and went home. I told my wife about this fabulous car we saw. The next day I took her to the dealer to see the car through the showroom windows (dealer was closed). After talking about the car all week and doing my research, we went back and purchased the car.


It is a great car and draws alot of attention. I recently ordered a Shelby cover so I will be putting it away for the winter.


I look forward to visiting the Shelby forums and learning more about the Shelby cars and the people that own them.



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