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We seem to have had a lot of feedback that is mostly negative, but how about listing some of the things you DO like about the new upgrade? I dont want to see the -Nothing post someone wiseguy will inevitably put up...yeah yeah, we know...


1. I LOVE the new style to the PMs, makes it MUCH easier to read a conversation, dont have to quote back and forth...much more efficient!


2. I really like the emoticons being right next to the editor with more choices to boot.


3. I like that the editor just pops open and you remain in the same spot of the thread so you dont have to look backwards through the posts scrolling down.


4. I really like the information you get on users listed directly next to posts...much better.


5. I have a feeling when Xmas is over, it will be all positive for the looks of the site.

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I'm just a hunt & peck kind of guy and can't be as specific as you'd probably like, but hey, it works, it's fast and it's festive! I like the drop-down menu by my user name. As far as the festive, I think I'll get tired of it before year's end, but I get tired of Christmas music too. Bah! Humbug!


I really don't see what all the grief and flack tossed up about this is....it's a change, it's different, it works, get over it.


My esteemed $.02 worth

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