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'06 Mustang GT shifter question


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I know that the Shelby GT's come with a Hurst shifter, but I wondered if anyone had experiences with regular Mustang GT shifters?


I have a friend who is a bucks down kind of guy and loves his '06 GT/5sp. (Its black, driven daily until snow flies and is never dirty)


I thought that the shifter handle bolted on like the GT500, fox bodys or SN95 cars. It doesn't. It has some weird cast handle that we can't figure out how to remove.


He works in a machine shop and can fab up a new "short stick" if we could figure out how to remove the stock one.


He knows that the right thing to do is to buy a new shifter, but if he could improve the look and feel for zero dollars for the time being that would be cool!! (The mods will come 6 months from now when his truck is paid for)

I have searched all over and haven't found anywhere where this has been done.

I saw this Steeda stock shifter mod, but at that point I think he is probably better off with a complete shifter.... http://www.steeda.com/directions/555-7310-...ort-shifter.pdf


Also, if there is a site for "SN197 Free Mods" like the fox bodies, LT1 or LS1 cars had, please let me know.

Thanks Guys! Andy

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Unscrew the knob, remove the boot by gently pulling it up from the console, then remove the arm by unbolting the two bolts on the side. Pretty easy. I changed mine to a Steeda arm with a Hurst T-handle on the Hurst shifter in about a half hour.


I could be wrong but, I think he is referring to the stock Ford shifter not an aftermarket, ie Hurst, Steeda. I don't think the stock shift arm (stalk) can be changed.

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Yeah, I was asking about the regular GT shifter. I think the factory stick will come off, the cast "lever" is on a post on the shifter, but I don't know if it is threaded, glued or pressed on there.

With this much work, he'd probably be better off buying a used aftermarket shifter.

I just assumed the lever would unbolt like the lever on my TR6060....and everyother Mustang built since 1985!!!!


I know I need to ask on the regular Mustang forums, but I don't belong to any. I've been a diehard GM guy all my life, but I sure am liking this Shelby!!


Thanks for taking the time to read, I try to help my buddy Ken out as much as I can. He loves and takes such great care of his car, he deserves a Shelby!!

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