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KR With 4 Passengers...?


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Hey there, KR folk.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the lower loaded weight limit on the KR. Mine has a new tire pressure/weight limit sticker placed on top of the original one from Ford.

I'd like to put four adults in the car now & then, but the weight limit sticker seems a tad low for four people.

My KR doesn't seem all that low to the ground, so would going over the 6xx odd pound limit really be hurting anything? I realize the KR isn't a minivan, but once in a while, I'd like to use all four seats... Would I hurt anything? - I try to avoid potholes. :)

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Unless the person is a child or very small adult, the back seat is pretty limited. If the passenger side front seat is moved all the way forward, you have a little bit of leg room in the back seat on that side. Otherwise, it's pretty much a non-backseat vehicle for adults IMO. Had my 6'-7" adult son back there one time, but he had to sit with his legs sideways to endure the ride. It was quite comical! :angry22:

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