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Shelby Performance parts


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Received a e-mail flyer today so bought some Die-Cast cars.

They called and said they were cancelling order because the price was too low.

Computer created and sent a false flyer.

Some software ??????? Right

Even though it was published on the internet, they cancelled my order.

What a way to do business!! :slapfight::slapfight::slapfight:

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The diecast was waaaay overpriced anyway. Their "sale" price is what I can buy it for at the local Toys R Us.


About 2 months ago I picked a red Super Snake there in 1:18 scale for $29


Not bad mouthing, just the facts.




I found my SGT die casts on e-bay for less than half of SPP prices. The economy has some sellers offering free shipping, too.

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I agree ... bad way to do business! Is this the site where you can buy a 7.00

1\64th die cast and have to pay 25.00 in shipping? Crazy ......


I purchased my Shelby GT hat from Moss for 14.99 b/c Shelby Merchandise

wants 24.99 plus shipping. I payed less than that for the hat from Moss with

shipping added.


Way over priced on some stuff!





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