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NEW: Project 321 Mustang GT Engine Bay Dress Up Kits


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Project 321 is at it again. This time with their 7 piece engine bay dress up kit for the 05-09 Mustang GT.









This is by far the highest quality billet cap assortment we've ever seen. Each piece is made from high quality billet aluminum and machined to perfection. Then anodized for a long lasting protective finish and topped off with precision engraving which is machined into the caps.


Available in Red, Blue, Black, Polished and Satin

The cap set includes 5 caps, dipstick and a matching key chain..

(1) Engine Oil Cap

(1) Power Steering Cap

(1) Radiator Expansion Tank Cap

(1) Oil Dipstick Cap

(1) Brake Fluid Cap

(1) Washer Fluid Cap

(1) Matching Key Chain


The Project 321 Engine Bay caps also utilize the stock style cap which is built into them. So all you need to do is take the old cap off and put the new Project 321 cap on and you're all set. Since they still utilize the stock caps they can be clocked counter clockwise to make sure all of the caps are facing just the way you want them to.

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