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Great Day in Orlando

Lucky 2

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Well hello everyone! It is a great day in Orlando. Today I Got up early and washed the Shelby. I have been unable to do anything for a couple of weeks (side effects from my heart medication). I will wax her tomorrow, and take her out for a nice ride. :peelout:

Last Monday I almost totaled my wife's Volvo V70-R. :doh: We have been married for twenty years and this is the first car she has loved, 300 HP, all-wheel drive, Bermbo brakes, full glove(soft)leather, big stereo all the bells and whistles.


I was going straight, with three cars in the left turn lane. As I got to the back of the last car in line the light turned green, so I continued on(instead of stopping) well when I passed the first car in the turn lane I saw a car in the coming thru the intersection. :fear: I tried to turn to the right to miss her but it was too late, my left head light hit her in the center of her right front wheel. (she was pushing the yellow light) I think her Toyota is totaled. No one was hurt, this is my second accident since I started driving in 1965. The last one was in 1978 in that one a drunk ran a light and broadsided me. Oh during this accident none of the three cars in the turn lane or the car that was stopped on the side street came forward as witness. This happened in front of a hospital with many people around, but nobody saw a thing. I guess that is the society we live in. On the plus side it was not the Shelby and I am now feeling good!

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