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Aluminum cleaner/polish


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Show Car Metal Polish works real well on Aluminum. Just wash the covers well with Simple Green and water. Dry the valve covers and then apply the polish with a foam pad or polishing wheel depending on how bad they are. Remove with a microfiber towel and they will be clean, shiny, and protected. Then you can polish up the silverware for thanksgiving dinner. LOL








Its a 16oz. bottle so you will have enough to do more than valve covers. You can use it on chrome, jewelry, and anything else that needs polishing.

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Is there an aluminum cleaner/polish you could recommend for cleaning valve covers?




I reccomend either Brasso using a dremmel tool and cotton buffing wheels, or a product called Neverdull.. the military uses this

stuff to shine uniform items and the Navy really loves the brass! Using this stuff will give brass the look of polished gold and your aluminum covers better

looking than chrome. After you polish I would get a good urethane clear coat for them or send off for a clear powder coat.



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