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Before you indorse this program lets look at how well other government social programs work.



In the early 1930’s Franklin Roosevelt Proposed the Social Security program. It was to be a totally voluntary retirement plan run by the government and benefits were to be paid to only those that contributed to the program. Soon it was made mandatory for all employees. Then the government raided the funds for “other Purposes” and now benefits are distributed to many who have never contributed. In 1933 AFDC was established as a “SHORT TERM” program to support children recovering from the great depression. That program was never canceled and now is totally out of control. In 1935 the SSI program was established. SSI was a well intentioned program to take care of those that cannot work. Well over the years eligibility standards have been lowered and now the program indorses and subsidizes malingering, drug and alcohol abuse. Now the Social Security program cannot continue to pay retirement benefits for the hard working people for which it was formed. Welfare was to be “Short Term” assistance for families between jobs. It has turned into a generational way of life. Government assisted housing another well intentioned program that has no oversight. Of those receiving assistance from this program the majority are cheating (ether unauthorized occupants of the dwelling or more income than declared when applying). In the 1960’s it was mandated that states run a Medicaid program. This program gives medical benefits to low income individuals, many are not in the US legally and waste and fraud are as rampant in this system as it is in Medicare, the federally run Health care system for seniors. Then we come to the formation of the Department of Education they have established the “FREE LUNCH “program that rewards schools for enrolling students in the program (most federal funding is directly tied to school lunch enrollment). This leads to families being encouraged to use Food Stamps and Welfare instead of being self sufficient. The Department of Education has also supported Bilingual education. This was intended to assist emigrants with their education while integrating into the American Culture. But instead it has lead to second and third generation citizens that cannot speak English.


It looks as if every good intentioned government program has caused more harm to the recipients than the help it was to provide.


Why should we believe that a government run health car plan will turn out any better?



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