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07SGT in Orlando


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Just called them the car has been SOLD F**K my life I didn't think I'll ever find a good deal on one of these.


"To: Adam Kozlowski

From: Louai Mardini, Internet Sales Manager, Porsche of Orlando


Good afternoon. Thank you for your interest in the Ford Mustang. This car was SOLD, We have a great selection of vehicles for your consideration.


I’ll check availability on the Mustang, and also check if we have similar vehicles that may meet your needs. While I do that, shall I place more importance on vehicles like this or ones in that price range?


My job is to understand your needs so I can help you identify the right vehicle and save you time. Please let me know how best to serve you. I'll do whatever I can to make this process simple and easy.


Your Internet request did not include a phone number. Often, a single phone conversation can replace 7 or 8 emails, so I’ve included my phone number below should you wish to expedite things. Or, if it’s more convenient for you, just email me with the best phone number to reach you and I’ll contact you soon.


At Porsche of Orlando, you can shop with confidence because we include a 60-day/unlimited-mile/zero-deductible limited warranty on all "Worry-Free" vehicles and a Carfax® Vehicle History report .


Thanks for allowing me to assist as you shop for your next vehicle.


Talk to you soon!


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