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World trade center medical monitoring& treatment


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Hey guy's putting this out there if anyone was involved with the trade center it doesn't matter what you did down there or how long you were there. It's done thru Mount Saini hospital in NYC but there are other locations, I went to the one piscataway, NJ it was 1hr 1/2 for me but worth it. I had to take the shelby gt so the city was out even if my car was parked by NYPD Pct it would be in chance of being keyed by my fellow brothers. Sad but true !! I heard of this program about 3yrs ago and heard nothing good about it some of the forums bash it along with the angry wives of sick cops and fireman on how they were treated. But most of the bashing was towards NYPD doctors finally people are seeing how we are treated by the city. Example, My line of duty injuries are numerous from knee to neck to back my medical paperwork is so high if you sat behind it you wouldn't be seen. Even the doctor on the medical board for NYPD joked about it sarcastically and my answer to him is that all the paperwork is 90% yours. The police doc's will send you to an othropedic and if the result of the exam side with me the police doc will say that doctor alway's s say's that here go to this doctor. I had 5 MRI's of my right shoulder cause NYPD keeps saying it's not my neck it's my shoulder. Everytime it comes back negative and the ortho will write its my neck the NYPD doc's will say,I told him to write that. When, I had my knee surgery they called me the same day and wanted me to drive down the same day so they can see if it was really done. With my mental break down they had their shrink talk to me 3x times the most their conclusion was that 9/11 was the reason it was my childhood that caused it. But now people outside my job are finally see how we are treated cause they are trying

to get medical assist from the city themselves.

But for once, I can say that this program helped me out and recommend it highly!! They gave me a full exam and checked my lung capacity and it has gone back up to the 90's capacity which is great. They do blood work and then you sit down with a shrink and believe me she turned white as a ghost after 30mins of my life after 9/11. I thought when she left the room she was calling the cops on me that, I almost bolted from the hospital.

But the finally and great thing is that they will pay for all my meds and co=pay's and scan's that will save over 500.00 a month!!

Everyone there was really nice, I was so stressed that my blood pressure was 150/100 they freaked but after I chilled out it went down to 130/82. I knew it would go down because after waking in the morning and the nitemares it was at that #. I have my own blood pressure machine and blood sugar tester.

By the way the NYPD shrink ended up quiting do to how they treated me and me telling her is this why you became a doctor to not help people.


But here's the phone # 732-445-0123 you can call them and here's there web site wtcexams.org protect yourself and your family!!

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