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Supersnake Concept on EBAY?


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You can get a REAL supersnake for that price.



Depends...If you bought the '07 when they first came out you cant do it for this price (more like $100K because the car was $65 to $70 before upgrade). Only other thing I see is the bigger supercharger which Shelby will not put on an '07 vert.....I know cause I have one. Had to go with the Ford Racing 625 package....however, there is a reason for that. Wonder if the 2 piece drive on this car was changes and what they sis to reinfore the body (if anything) to handle to torque. My guess is nothing so if you get on it and get it to hook up you will seriously damage the car.


Thats not Shelby's signature on the dash so it doesn't intrest me anyway....

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I think he did a very nice job with the car. He is totaly up front with what the car is and who modified it into what it is and that is according to him his "Concept "a Supersnake .

No where does he make any claims that it is a real Supersnake.


Would I pay $85 G for it ...no but I wish him well anyway.



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