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Lethal Performance Intercooler Pump Upgrade Kit


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While building the Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 we wanted to take similar steps like what Ford did on the 2010 Super Cobra Jet. Since they were the only ones to run a 4.0L on a GT500 motor we felt that we could learn a few things from them. One of which is cooling. Since we already took care of the heat exchanger with the high performance dual pass/dual fan unit from Revan Racing/C&R it was time to tackle the intercooler pump. The 2010 Super Cobra Jet when pushed hard saw lots of heat. They decided to install a larger intercooler pump to assist in pushing the fluid in the intercooler system faster and not allowing it to become stagnant under the supercharger during extreme heat situations.


Here's a picture of the kit we've pieced together for our car. It's based off of what Ford currently uses on the 2010 Super Cobra Jet. It's got a 55gpm waterpump which includes the fittings, clamps and wiring needed for installation as well as a custom bracket which we make that mounts to your stock or aftermarket heat exchanger. Once we've finished making a batch of brackets we'll be able to start shipping kits.


Pricing still hasn't been determined.



Here's a few pics of our setup.




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