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07SGT2868 For Sale in Odessa


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Spotted a White 2007 SGT #2868 (as best as I could tell through the windows last night) at Kelly Grimsley Auto Sales here in Odessa, TX...5 Speed Manual, hood scoop has normal issues, some scrapes on the lower front facia, but otherwise looked fairly good...I have no idea what they are asking for it...I can't even stand to watch this guy's commercials on T.V. every day here...But, if someone is interested, PM me and I'll get you their phone number so you can contact them...

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Too much...


I was there looking at it several weeks ago with my father.


I think it was somewhere around $43000-46000 with 2000 miles and they will NOT budge.


Yeah don't worry about it.


Figures...I can't stand the guy's commercials on local T.V. here...He just strikes me as a crook...I've vowed to not buy anything from him just because of his ads...LOL

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