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What is your Commit # on your GT500?


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I started thinking about Build Numbers, Sequence Numbers and Commit Numbers after watching the GT500 build video & came up with a theory. When watching the "First Build" Shelby GT500 video (Episode #4) I remembered them saying the 1st (JOB1) Shelby GT500 that was going down the production line that they needed to track was the 1st Commit Number & that was 6780. I then went out & checked the plastic cover the dealer is soppost to remove when you get your car (which I kept) on the passenger side seat & looked on the sticker located on the back side facing the back seat & got it's commit number (my is 9636).


These commit numbers should be specific for certain cars (SC 5.4L Motors, T6060 Transmisssions, Seats with cobras on them, ect...) so workers can match up that commit number with the correct build sequence number a car is assigned moving down the production line so it gets the correct parts.


If this theory is true & you can locate your sticker on the plastic cover for the passenger seat that has your Commit number on it, then the math should be simple as to what number car your is as far as Shelby GT500's are concerned.


#9636 (my Commit #)

- 6780 (1st JOB1 Shelby GT500 Commit #)

#2,856 should be my car number (Born on date 10/18/06)


If you have a commit number please post it a long with your build date so we can test this out.

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