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Who Does The Painting??

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On the "deep draw hood" topic it was mentionedthat the hood was being sent to Quantum for painting and striping.


Who normally does the color matching and painting for the SAI conversions...since they are now offering to put different front and rear fascias on conversions.


If SAI ( or someone else associated with SAI) does the painting do they use PPG paints like those used at Auto Alliance or something else. I thought SAI was at one point using Dupont.


While this might sound ridiculous, do you send them your old hood (or spoiler) so they can match the color. As good as today paints are there can still be slight differences.


Since fitment with a hood can be an adjustment issue how can they guarantee the centerline of the stripes relative to the roof and front bumper cover.


I am thinking along similiar lines so I'm curious.....I wish SAI could do this sub-contract work.

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