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Happy Birthday SicShelby

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Thanks guys!! The wife and I went out to a burger joint here in Columbus called "Thurmans." Apparently they make some pretty mean hamburgers... Anyways I ordered this 3/4 lb A-1 burger and it was GOOOOOD - could barely finish the whole thing!!


... Nothing else happened. :play:

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Thanks for the "Happy Birthdays" all!


Yes, I'm one of the few young'ns that was fortunate enough to have a wife that let me pull the trigger ;) I always told myself that if I could get a car like this when I'm young that I would do it. You see, kids nowadays aren't like most of you were back in the 60's - we couldn't buy a 300hp car for $1,000 and go racing on the two lane. Nope, most of us now can't afford a car with true American horsepower; we have to buy Honda Civics and proceed to throw a Folgers coffee can on the exhaust (or remove it entirely), and have a buddy with a blow torch warm up the coils while you jump on the hood to lower the car! Lol.


I love my GT500! I'm going to have it for a long time. So, although I don't have the cash flow that some people do to put all the goodies on... I'm getting there one step at a time. I've got the lowering springs and the panhard bar for a "discount" from a couple fellow TS members. Someday... I'll add a little more horsepower ;)



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