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Hood Vents - are they easily removable?


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Unless your going to replace them with aftermarket vents, I would not mess with removing them for cleaning. I would instead use a soft brisle brush (maybe a computer keyboard brush?) and perhaps some low pressure compressed air to brush and blow out the nooks and crannies.

(what the hell is a crannie anyway? :headscratch: )

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Just did my first wash yesterday, man, can that hood hold some water! What a mess!


Yep, I learned that one the hard way too. Now I have 4 towels waiting. I raise the hood a little and then put a towel under each of the two places where the water comes out of the front of the hood into the engine compartment. Then, I raise the hood the rest of the way and throw a towel under each of the two places where water comes out of the back of the hood. It's like a "think fast" game trying to get the towels under the water before too much gets in the engine compartment.

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