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Looking for 2006 Shelby GT-H No. 139


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In August of 2006 I flew to Seattle, Washington, rented Shelby Mustang No. 139 from Hertz, and drove down the coasts of Washington and Oregon as far south as Crescent City, California. I had the car for a week and put 1300 miles on it. It was a blast to drive on the coastal highways and was the main reason that I bought a 2008 Shelby GT a year ago last August.


Does anyone know where No. 139 is today? I've wondered often about where that car is now.


There is one interesting thing about that car in the engine compartment. When I raised the hood to check it out, I noticed that the "Ford Racing" plate that is riveted to the strut tower brace was installed upside down ( the botton side is facing up).

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