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Our car is almost finished... BUT


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Well just when we thought we were done Mr. Dustin Whipple calls me to tell me he's got a present for us. Not like I was expecting much as he already sent us a complimentary 3.4L Crusher kit with Whipple CAI and Whipple Throttle body. However as soon as he told me what he had I had a smile from ear to ear.


This week we'll be pulling the motor to replace the 3.4L Crusher kit with a monster 4.0L Super Crusher Kit and the new Whipple 140mm CAI intake. :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:


The kit that we'll be getting is the same 4.0L that's being used on the 2010 Cobra Jet. It's still a pre-production kit so this isn't something that can be purchased at this time. It's got a massive Super Crusher Inlet which requires a little bit of work to fit but nothing too extreme. It's actually a larger inlet than what the production 4.0L kits will have and requires a section of the faux firewall to be clearanced. The section I'm referring to actually houses and protects the wiper motor and brackets. Once it's removed there's a little more room to work with. Since our car is a street car and will be on display at several shows and conventions we're going to paint the area behind the faux firewall to match the rest of the engine bay. The production 4.0L Crusher kits will have an inlet similar in size to the one that's on the 3.4L. It's big enough to remove restriction and flow some major air but designed to fit without any modification to the firewall for fitment.



After some extensive testing on the Cobrajet it's been found that even with the huge Monoblade TB the inlet see's some small vacuum in the upper boost levels. The answer to this is an even BIGGER Monoblade TB. Yes.. We're going to see an even larger Monoblade TB in just a few weeks. Once we get more details we'll be sure to let everyone know.


Thanks a bunch Dustin!

Let the fun begin.

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