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Strange Warranty


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Stopped in at Hampton Ford in NH to view their used 09 GT500 on the show room floor, white with red stripe option. Obviously had a new front splitter installed. Sadly the hand signed dash plaque was seriously smudged, perhaps upon installation. Car has 6K+ mileage and is being sold without warranty for 48K+. Warranty options were listed. Price increases about 1K for each additional year warranty requested. That struck me as strange. With only 6K mileage and being an 09, shouldn't it still be under factory warranty? Is this a sales pitch of some nature?

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It should still be under the factory warranty unless something happened to the car. Is the used car window sticker checked "AS-IS"?


If it was a lemon buyback or severely wrecked I would think they wouldn't offer any warranty even at an additional charge.


Easiest thing is to ask the dealer why there's no warranty and we can go from there.



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