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4 day trip to Italy


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Hi guys


Three weeks ago one of the biggest forums in Germany in which most of the owner are driving a (or more then one...) "real sports car" invited me to a 4 day trip to the Toscana, a region in the middle of Italy. The idea was just to have fun together. Because of a breakdown, a little accident and another "loss" of a car we were only a small group in the end: A Porsche Turbo Techart, a Ferrari F430Scuderia, a Ferrari F360 and a Lamborghini Diablo and my Shelby GT500


At one day we were visiting the facilities of Ferrari and Lamborghini (unfortunately not the assembly hall itselfs). After that we had the great opportunity to have a guided tour through the production facility of Pagani which (the producer of one of the fastes car in the world! More here: http://www.paganiautomobili.it/)


Around this we only drove around like maniacs :happy feet: Up to the hill, other side down. Up, down, up, down.... To the sea, on the Italian Freeway etc. etc. :shift: It was just great.


Of course it was very hard to persist next all these super sports car (in fact it was impossible :baby: ). But who cares, it was fantastic :drool:



Here some impressions about the trip:



our cars:




















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Because I am really unsure if you like such a topic and I really don't want to spam this forum or post it at a wrong place I stop here now.

If you are interested just let me know. I have much more sections like "Ferrari", "Lamborghini", "Pagani", "our hotel", "my favourites" and two videos if you like...

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Snaky : I just got off the phone with my wife she is in Nice with a girl friend and will take a day trip to Italy tuesday. I just got my passport and we plan on going next year. She says the weather is similar to Atlanta this time of the year. She was in Monaco and asked if they had any Le mans race prints , to which they said hell no !! They don't like the 24 hr race ,it's like going to the Ga tech book store and asking about UGA ( not good). Your pictures make me want to go, so thanks . Keep them coming . It's to bad there isn't a Ford GT in your group, teach that Ferarri a thing or two HA HA ! but your Shelby is a great USA rep.



I really like the white work on your Shelby .

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