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New Floormats!!! Well, almost anyway...

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Still in "kit" form, but I decided that there wasn't a floormat option I was really loving, so decided to make some! Figured the shelby ones are too hard to come by to use daily like I've been doing....


First ordered a set of "new" OEM take off's off ebay...



Then found some pin-on emblems for the look I wanted...





99.9% sure i can attach these in a similar way that the shelby ones are mounted, so hopefully it should look purty factory when all done!

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I like that idea a lot.


I also replaced my floor mats, keeping the Shelby ones set aside. I was amazed to find a brand new set of charcoal plastic factory Ford mats shipped to my door from ebay for about $20. Quite the deal.


Would love to see a pic with those Hurst mats in the car when you get it done.

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Hopefully i'll get out there this weekend and get them installed... the mats were $28 ish shipped off ebay, and the emblems were about $60 for the pair shipped, not many people selling the pin on style anymore... Not really the cheap way out, but I didn't really want a bigger shelby logo, and the powered by ford ones were cool, but still not what i wanted... so hopefully this will work out! I'll put up some more pics soon!

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