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Grabber Blue GT500 4 Sale!


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I have a 2010 Grabber Blue with White Stripes that is in production with an ETA of November 1st


This has the Electronics Package with car cover. It does NOT have the HID Headlamps.


MSRP $50,745


I still have the Black with Grabber Blue Stripes that is due in around the 18th of this month.







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What is Jan 25 - Feb 5????



That is when I get back from my deployment and CSRB ('bonus time') signing. Wife of 18 years is saying happy return, happy 18 years of marriage and happy driving. So I am going to be in the market for a 2010 (no i dont want an eleven) grabber blue, white stripes fully loaded gt500. cash in hand purchase.


SO, come jan 25 - feb 5th when i get back i will be on here asking you guys for help finding a dealer with an allocation still or the car im looking for sitting on a lot someplace. So again, if it were only end of January I would be speed dialing you and talking some numbers! :(:)

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