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2010 Hydro Carbon Hood Vents


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Lethal Performance now has in stock with same day shipping the Hydro Carbon hood vents for the 07-09 GT500 and 2010 GT500.


The pieces are made using OEM pieces to ensure direct fitment.


Lethal Performance 2007-09 GT500 Hood Vents $175 + shipping






Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 Hood Vents $195 + shipping




All of our Hydro Carbon parts are at www.LethalPerformance.com and ready to order or give one of us a call today at (561) 753-8105 or (877) 2-LETHAL

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I would LOVE to have some billet aluminum hood vents. Does anyone have these or does anyone plan to make some? That would be friggin sweet. Let me know.




No plans for a billet hood vent yet. I'll definitely keep you posted though. Gonna be seeing all of my contacts at Sema in only a few more weeks. I should find out more then.


You need to remove the hood liner, correct? Is there a special tool for the fastners?


No need to remove the hood liner to install the vent. It's held in place by (1) 8mm nut which gets removed from the underside of the hood. Once that nut is removed there's 2 clips which need to be squeezed and then pushed out from the inside. I think I used a large flathead screwdriver for leverage on the clips. When you've got the clips past a certain point all you do from the outside of the car is slowly pull up on the vent from the edges. It's going to peel off with the silicone sealant used to secure it in it's place. Once the stock vent is off you then clean off all of the other silicone and re-apply a fresh bead of clear silicone sealant around the base of where the stock sealant was. Then just pop the vent clips back through their holes and tighten the 8mm nut and you're done. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.



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Hey Jered I just installed the hood vent and fuse box cover, waiting on the shroud to arrive it is on back order. I love these parts they really look sharp with the Sterling Grey. One question I will be ordering the door sills, Rear valence, front splitter, rocker panels, wiper cowl, and rear spoiler lip, maybe the mirror covers and grill, do you have the hydro carbon rear mud flaps and battery cover or master cylinder cover in hydro carbon?

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