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SGT's - TCS light and "Low Brake Fluid"


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When I met with a few other TS members this weekend, one of the SGT owners brought up a problem that he was having with his SGT. He told me that his traction control light would stay on (even if he toggled it off), and there would be a light telling him to check his brake fluid level. This odd combination persisted on and off for a month or two, and he recently was able to figure out what was going on.


They told him that the sensor/connection at the master cylinder (pictured below) had a short. They replaced the master cylinder container and connection, which fixed his problem. I told him that I would pass this information on because he said that others were having the same problem, and no one could figure it out...


Hopefully this isn't new information and can help someone out! :salute:





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I had the same repair and it fixed the prob. I believe fluid gets in the connection over time due to it's location.





I have the exact same problem (at only 2950 miles in 2.5 years). This should be invaluable information in that I am taking the car in today. Thanks!


Though mine is worse if I park the car on an angle, like in my driveway for a while.


I guess another questions is is there a TSB on this? and, how do we keep this from happening again as warranties are starting to expire? When the TCS light goes on in mine, it deactivates the Traction Control.

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