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KR items..what comes with the car?


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Ok, needless to say, i'm looking at getting a KR. My question is: What comes with this car?


Special floor mats?

Boxed brake cooling kit in the trunk?

...anything else?


I remember some of the SGT guys getting screwed with their floor mats when the cars first came out. People at the dealers were swapping their mats with stock mustang mats. I just want to know what I need to look for when purchasing a KR.


I know if the window sticker has the car cover checked as an option, I get a cover.

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Wheel locks.

An order form to order a limited KR watch.

An order form to order a limited signed KR poster.

Front mats only.

Owner Manuals with a KR ademdum.

A certificate from Ford Signed by Mr Shelby and Mr Ford, were mailed to dealers in late August. If you don't get one SVT will not sell you one for a KR.


Request them to run a Carfax on the vehicle.

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