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Cheapest GT500 I have ever seen!


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No vin. No title status. No name.


And the phone number comes back to a fax machine for Allegiant Air in Las Vegas.


Something doesn't seem right.




Allegiant Air is bleeding money, I'm sure they are liquidating everything but the fax machine...


But y'all are right...everything in Vegas ('cept CS) is and has been in trouble for a while now. Have you seen the housing industry there? Other than Miami, it's the worst in the nation.


But that is a little too fishy...anyone see under the hood??? And such a vanilla description....


One way one could find out...see if they make the Foose Speedster for a GT500...:-) Pondering.gif


Scratch that, I took the pics and blew them up to like 3200% on the front wheels to see if they were brembos...too bad a quality, but looks like they could be, but I don't think anyone could dupe the interior to that level, so, it's either needed to be gone for financial reasons or there is something wrong with the car...

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Sent the guy a note awhile ago!


Just got this back:


"Hi, in response to your inquiry regarding my Mustang, it is still available. The vehicle is immaculate and as close to new as possible, free of any dents or unsightly parking lot door dings. The interior is like new no rips tears or smells. The title is clean as is the car fax.


I had a buyer and I've lost about 2 weeks waiting for him to pay just to find out in the end that his loan wasn't approved, this is also the reason I didn't get back to you earlier.

After this bad experience I don't want to lose more time and money so I've signed up for a protection program offered by Yahoo! Autos. If you are not aware of this program you should know that it will allow you to test drive and inspect the car before paying me. After you will secure your money with them, you will have a 7 day inspection period to decide whether you want to keep the car or not.


In order to initiate the transaction you have to be registered with yahoo. I will pay for the yahoo fee and I am also willing to pay for the shipping (if needed) as long as the fees won't exceed $500.


If you are still interested and have any further questions please let me know.





Check out:



In other words there is no such thing and a scam.

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