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2008 Shelby GT hood stripes raising/crimping around scoop

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Anyone have a 2008 SGT where the stripes running under the scoop are raising or crimping around the scoop? My car has 2200 miles on it. The dealer told me that they've seen it on several cars.


It appears the scoop was riveted on so tight that it causes the tape to crimp under the edges of the scoop.


Also, the paint is coming off the rivets on the scoop and the area around the rivets.


Any ideas on how to keep this from happening again? Also, I heard Shelby is replacing the scoop, which was originally plastic, with a fiberglass scoop under warranty repairs. Anyone heard of this?


Thanks in advance.

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I found it. I did a search before my original post but couldn't locate anything.



I just tried a search, entered "Scoop", selected SGT area, and look in the thread title. The first one in the return list was the hood scoop thread.


Also, if you go to the SGT section, then the Modification/Technical area, you will see the "Hood Scoop" thread is at the top.


Good luck!


Can a moderator move this thread to the SGT Tech/Mod area and lock it?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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