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Metco Fuel Rails

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Anyone using Metco Fuel Rails with the Whipple Supercharger




I want to buy Ken's but need to make sure they fit


Here is the answer I got from Metco,


We have seen some variations in the Whipple installations, and have seen some that will not work with our fuel rails.

The most common problem is the lack of clearance below the air intake on the driver's side - our fuel rail is taller than the original unit and will also position the pressure sensor in a higher position. It is also necessary to confirm that there is adequate clearance behind the supercharger to route the crossover line between the two rails.

Please feel free to send some pictures of your engine. We will review them and then be able to say definitively if our fuel rail set will fit your car.


I plan on taking photos and measurements tomorrow to send to them.






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Let me know what you find out Andrew. If they say for sure that they'll work, I'll get them boxed up and shipped your way asap.

If for whatever reason they DON'T work (even after Metco says they will) I'd be happy to take them back from you, no problem.



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