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O God. I'm going to do it. I'm doing it......

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Well, I spent 25 on mine, with 40K miles, and it was a little rough (MS Map can verify-she saw it before I did). Cost me about $5000 to bring it up to par-new paint, new stripes, new carpet, but SO WORTH IT! It is so hot. But I needed a specific one because it was the matching number to my coupe. Both 372's, so I had to pay. You can find some with lower mileage it is worth it.

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Hey guys I'm going to buy A GT-H with 22k miles. All badges there. Has the boot. Interior sounds immaculate.


It might cost me 28k. I'm kinda nervous.

hope you didi it Ijust bought mine #412

pd 28000,perfect inside a few scufs out-42000 miles from calif.

now in Wisc.in garage over winter-will never see salt

when ever i stop-it gathers attention spen more time answewring questions a gas station than i do pumping gas


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