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1st Time 1/4 mile with Betsy


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Nice job, I always knew the black one were quick.


Yes. :)


If I could keep from burnig the rubber off, I think low 12's are doable.

I need to get the 60' times down 2-3 1/10's... The sooner I can get into clean boost, the better trap speed and ET's will be.

Maybe Wednesday....?

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What is the elavation at the track? It looks like the 60fts. could come down too. Heres a good resource for us drag racers. It will give you the DA and what the car should be running ET. wise.





Nice link!

Thanks, very interesting. It says I have 366whp! I have obviously left a lot on the table...


I guess the elevation is about 100 feet

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Which tires were you running Dan?




I ran my normal street set-up. BFG KDWII 285/40. Normal pressure. The guy that teched me said with these tires, I should'nt do a burnout. Maybe next time I will anyway.

My 12.7-12.8 is on totally my normal street set up.


Of course, once the tires are "under" me and the boost is on..... :drool:

I think my SGT is the "fastest/quickest" of all my friends Vettes, Porche's and Dodges (SRT 10 and Chally), althouhg there is one pal (Mark) with Vette who pulled 12.3 on street set-up with automatic tranny...

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