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Shelby headrest


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I bought the Shelby GT500 headrests from Shelby and they delivered today. I thought it would be an easy installation but I don't seem to be able to remove the origional ones. I pushed the button and pulled them up very hard but they don't come out. Any help would be appreciated.

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here's another suggestion......the foam inside the headrest should be wrapped in a plastic liner. If you have a high quality vacuum break out the best tool in the shop - duct tape and insert the nozzle of the vacuum hose into the plastic then tape excess plastic to nozzle w/ duct tape. Turn the vacuum on and a high quality vacuum will remove air from the foam making it easier to disassemble the headrest. If you are not ready to install the new headrest cover, then carefully remove the duct tape from the plastic liner so you can do the same when you are ready reinstall the new headrest cover. Craig :happy feet:

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